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Return of Football & Sport

Following on from our previous post, we continue delving into the current COVID-19 world and how this will affect the return of spectators.

Debrief 101

Following government advice this post gives information on the content of a debrief and how you can record this alongside the incident or event in IRS Pro.

Covid-19 and Event Risk

We take a look at pre event risk checks and what will be the norm for the next few months with restrictions easing but firmly in place.

Why a reporting system?

There are so many systems available and different things are recorded everywhere. We discuss the benefits of having one central location for incident data.

Website and IRS Pro launch!

We've revamped this website, added more content and IRS Pro is ready to go! Let's take a look at what's new in IRS Pro and here on the website.


There’s a lot to do in preparation for the return of spectators to sporting events.

Pre event risk checks and the new norm with restrictions easing but firmly in place. 

Posted August 2020

Government advice on content of and recording debriefs in IRS Pro 

Posted August 2020

With so many systems available, what are the benefits of an incident recording system?

Posted August 2020

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