IRS Pro - Features

Our rich feature set allows you to record quickly,
accurately and with a wealth of information

There is plenty you can do with IRS Pro. The coolest feature being the configuration page which allows you to control your system how you want. 

  • Add your own incident types, buildings, officers and all your questions = no more costly supplier changes and absolutely no delays
  • Set the type of response = accurate data and improved quality of reports
  • Manage your own form templates = collect additional data instantly and build these into your reports with a couple of clicks
  • Personal Information can be flagged so it is hidden when exporting the report, sending it to other departments, and allows you to anonymise your data after a period of time = protect peoples data and keep the key incident information for longer

Here are some more awesome features that are all included in the one price…

  • Attach Files
  • Link Incidents to Events
  • Build & Re-run Reports
  • Granular Permissions
  • Pre & Post Event Checks
  • Daily Log
  • Dashboard
  • Search & Filter
  • Address Book
  • Mandatory Vs Optional Questions
  • Incident & Event Notes
  • Audit Log

It’s also intuitive by nature, so less tech savvy users won’t struggle to pick up the system.

For the administrators, we offer a complimentary visit to help you set up your system with half a days training for up to six people included.

We offer a no obligation 30 day trial and help you at each step along the way so you can decide if the system is right for you.

Book a demo to find out more – as a small company we are all super friendly!

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