What's new in IRS Pro this month and a quick whizz around the website

New Features

Reports ‘phase 1’ was completed with the time periods all added so reports can simply be ran for the previous 7 days or the last full week and the same with months and years!

It also allows month and year to date for a cumulative report and of course the ability to add custom dates is still there.

What does this mean for weekly and monthly reports? Simply select your saved report and click run!

Linking Incidents and Events is now possible. You can add the link when raising an incident, or add it at any point of the incident / event life-cycle. Search via title or unique ID.

New clock button for an automatic timestamp to time/date questions for officers to click on the go

What's Next?

  • IRS Pro goes live on G Cloud 12 end of September. This allows you to purchase from the framework and you can find more information by clicking here.


  • IRS Pro goes live next month in a well known University and we hope to onboard another later this month. They’ll be a blog post once this happens and we are excited about the launch!


  • We are currently working on an interface to a popular University product – watch this space for more information in September.


  • The next pieces of functionality we are looking at are: assigning incidents & events to users & adding email and in-app notifications. More info to follow next month.  

The Website

IRS Pro has it’s own website separate to the 3tc main one that focuses on our original emergency services products. If you’ve found your way here, great! You’ve either found us from a google search or a share on social media – take a look around.

You’ll find information on: features, 3tc, IRS Pro industries and our blog. There’s even a short video so you can take a look at the basics. 

Click to go to the homepage and view the video!

Onboarding Process

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to get going once the purchase is agreed. 

You supply some key data to us, such as locations, incident types, your officers and users etc, and we import these for you. 

The system comes with some example templates you can work from, or start from scratch with your own questions and forms. 

We provide a free training and configuration day on site to run through the more in depth areas like configuration, administration and getting the most out of reports. 

There is then usually 2 weeks for you to complete the configuration and make any final changes ready to go live. 

Once you’re ready, that’s it! Start using the system with the peace of mind that our support team is available M-F 9-5 and your Account Manager is also available for any questions.

Who's who?

We have a dedicated team for IRS Pro, here are a couple of the names you may come across and their contact details if you want to ask any specific questions or to book a demo

Dom Porter, Business Development Executive dom.porter@3tcsoftware.com

Mobile – 07775 504734

Focus Industries – Universities & Higher Education, Security & Guarding and Manufacturing

Piece of Info – Business Case Co-creator, has been on the product from the start

Donna Hopper, Account Manager donna.hopper@3tcsoftware.com

Mobile – 07879 418451

Focus Industries – Stadium & Arenas, Retail and Leisure Parks, Leisure & Tourism

Piece of Info – Donna is the Account Mgr for all our FRS customers on the original IRS product