Other Industries

IRS Pro has been built to be customisable so teams
in any industry can reap the benefits

No matter what industry you work in, incidents are a fact of life.
How you record and respond to these are critical in ensuring you can learn
and put prevention strategies in place.

IRS Pro is fully configurable so there is no limit on the type of organisation that would feel the benefits of improved recording and reporting of data.

Configure forms to capture information you want. Security incidents, fire alarms, accidents or anything business related. Easily share this information with other departments, internally or externally inside the application.

You can report on exactly the information you need, allowing you to make critical strategic decisions knowing you can trust the data recorded.

IRS Pro is mobile friendly, you can log and record incidents on the go. No need to return to the office or a PC, meaning a more in-depth report the first time and time saved.

Please browse our other pages to find out more about what IRS Pro can deliver or get in touch for a demo and session on how IRS Pro can help you.

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