Security & Guarding

Use IRS Pro to help you give clients stand out service
to build reputation and business

With the wide range of services you provide, ensure you are accurately recording and reporting to prove value and inform.

The infographic shows some of the multiple services your business may be providing to a number of clients at numerous locations.

When providing services to a client, it’s of upmost importance to give a great satisfaction from a customer service point of view but also accurate data.

Why? Because proving value ensures contracts are renewed, budgets can be agreed and that a positive reputation is maintained.

Here are just a few reasons IRS Pro is great for Security and Guarding companies

Manage your clients and locations with our configuration tool. It takes mere seconds to add a new site to the system

Raise incidents with ease with our intuitive user interface that officers can use with no training required.

Run reports for clients and chose to do these as a whole portfolio or per individual site

The dashboard gives key information on incident types, locations and the last 48 hours for instant insights

The right form is automatically attached based on incident type so your officer simply fills out the information

Head Office can update the form following any investigation, and view audit logs to see when fields were entered or changed

The Daily Log is easy to use and messages can be pinned to the top for any key information

The system is all permission based so you can control who has access to what and how much they can do

Come on board

We would love to discuss your requirements with you as the product is new in this sector. As a result, you can provide feedback which is considered for the road map to shape the future of the product.

There is a dedicated Product Owner who is more than happy to discuss your needs and spend time with you on site prior to any purchase.

Get in touch for a no obligation demo and business needs discussion. We also offer a free 30 day trial so you can see the system for yourself!

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