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An intuitive, rapid deployment with the ultimate goal of
reducing risk and maxmising safety

If you are a Stadium Manager, CSO or Event Safety Officer, IRS Pro will help you protect both spectator and facility.

Responding in a timely, efficient manner before an incident escalates is always a goal for any stadium or arena. There are a number of potential incidents at events in these venues that require rapid action, including medical emergencies, drunken behaviour and threats.

Those are on top off all the ejections, searches, maintenance issues, complaints and more!

One of the major gains of IRS Pro is that it is configurable, meaning you control the system:

  • The data you collect
  • What is mandatory for officers
  • Form sections and questions
  • Your incident types, event types and other look up items you have
  • And so on…


This allows you to ensure the process is right for your stadium/arena. Similarly, that your users have the ability to log quickly and simply.

What else can I do?

Store relevant documents, such as photos and witness statements within the incident giving you complete awareness of the situation at the time. Therefore, building a full picture for any follow ups, investigations or debriefs.

Furthermore, keeping all incident information together in the cloud ensures records are accessed quickly and stored for potential liability defence.

The dashboard shows a glimpse of fundamental data so peak times, trends in types of incident and locations can be spotted.

For more detailed reports, build, save and rerun your own to help shape policy, resource future events and improve safety and service.

Event Management is a core part of our system, allowing you to:

In addition to the above, IRS Pro is mobile friendly meaning officers and stewards can raise and record incidents out in the field. Control room operators can add timeline updates via the incident notes therefore adding a commentary on what was happening, what decisions were made and why. 

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce risk and maximise visitor experience and safety.
IRS Pro can help you achieve that.

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