University & Higher Education

Ensuring student safety by giving you the tools to
manage incidents across campus

Built primarily for University security teams.
We listened to you, designed for you and created IRS Pro to be the premier solution for the Higher Education sector.

Truly useful functionality

Mandatory questions & PII (personal identifiable information) fields can be added. Capture all the relevant information, whilst ensuring you comply with GDPR. Flagging a PII field consequently means you can hide that specific data when sending reports to other departments.

Easily share incidents with other departments and store any supporting documents against the incident. As a result it’s one central system for all your incident information. This is really handy when having to do an investigation, follow up or debrief.

Accurately report on incident information and know the quality of data is there. Build your own set of reports and run these at the click of a button. This information is critical for use within the wider University whether it’s for FOI requests, staffing/ rota planning, or to justify additional expenditure within the department.

There's more...

The graphical dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of all key incident information at glance.

Everything is fully audited, so you can see who did what & when; giving you peace of mind should a major incident occur.

And finally, permissions are granular so you can control who see’s what and how much they can do within the application. You create roles, which you can then assign to groups of users to save time.

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