Why Report?

I've already got systems for alarms, CCTV and dispatch...

Why have a reporting system?

There are many areas of physical security so individuals and suppliers often specialise on a specific field to ensure the vast requirements are met in that specialisation. This is exactly why you will likely find you have different suppliers for your CCTV, access control, intrusion detection systems and so on.

Physical security protects people, equipment, facilities, data and assets

Logging each incident or event, and the details around it allows you to not only gather accurate data to monitor KPI’s, report to senior management and shape future policies and procedures but it is gives you the peace of mind that you are able to look back at the details of an incident, should a review or investigation be required. There is also the chance that an FOI request comes in meaning you need to try to gather certain information together where possible. 

IRS Pro gives you the tools to do it all

Here are a few of the things you can record and the benefits of doing so

Resourcing and Budgets

Review resource allocation and prove value by monitoring metrics.

Verify correct allocation of resources with the time of day chart in IRS Pro and run reports on volume of, and type of incidents. The time of day chart lets you look at incident peaks so you can compare this with you intrusion detection data and look at number of officers on shift and shift times.

After noticing a spike of say break ins and alarms during a certain shift, you then add a counter measure to add another officer to the shift. After 3 months you then run incident reports on break ins and alarms for the two time periods and find the volume of incidents over said time period has decreased by 60% and that the time chart shows a decrease in the peak. This lets you know the resource is better allocated and prove the value of the additional resource to the rest of the organisation.

CCTV and Barrier Gaps

Closed-circuit television or surveillance systems utilise cameras and recording equipment to provide visual protection. Your CCTV company will have ensured key areas are covered, the type of camera is correct for your needs and there is enough light in the right areas. Once the CCTV is in place, we should be looking at whether there are potentially any gaps in the covered of these cameras.

It is easy to do this in IRS Pro. Simply create a radio list question to record if the incident was capture on CCTV: in full, partial or not at all. You can then report on this and review the incidents not captured sorted by location to spot if one or two locations are repeatedly coming up.

This data can then be used to gain budget for a camera in that area, especially if adding a camera in another area decreased incidents in the past, which looks back into point 1 and having the ability to run reports on your data.

Human Safety

Staff, student and visitor safety should be maintained and is the main objective of every security team’s agenda. You will have procedures in place to safeguard against the possibility of fires, flooding, and other threats to human life and staff likely trained in the basics of fire safety and the location of, and proper use of extinguishers, first aid, evacuations and assembly points and staff should know the SOP’s or be able to access them quickly.

With IRS Pro you can record the actions taken and the rationale behind decisions to help improve response and spot any shortfalls in the department. A debrief can be recorded against the incident and relevant outcomes logged, such as further staff training required, amendments to procedure and also what the team did well.

COVID-19 and Unknowns

The events industry shut down mid March and these last few weeks venues have been creating and updating policies with the considerations and risks that re-opening in the new COVID world bring about.

Two words spring to mind… ‘social distancing’.

This pandemic has shown us that crowd management is of vast importance when it comes to reducing the risk of spreading the virus. Venues need to consider not only the number of visitors attending, but also the flow of people and avoiding bottlenecks.

There will need to be extra staff encouraging distancing and where applicable, mask wearing and sanitisation. Signage will need to be in place and checked prior to each event, queue lines clear and taped, sanitisation stations throughout the venue and communications sent pre event about the new regulations.

Add a Risk Assessment to your event forms in IRS Pro and log the capacity, crowd control measures, pre and post event checks, the location of the medical emergency room and more. Should things change, or something else happens in the future, make the changes to your system to adapt, IRS Pro is configurable, putting you in control and allowing you to adapt.

Anywhere and Everything

Access the system from anywhere with everything stored in one place.

Save time by recording everything digitally from where ever you are, adding photos, recording witness statements, searching for previous incidents, check the daily log and more. Operators can update incidents at any time and can utilise the audit log for timestamps and notes for custom entries, decisions and rationale.

No need to switch between systems, excel spreadsheets and paper forms to gather information needed for investigations or FOI requests – find it all in IRS Pro.

Reports can be created, saved and reran to make the process as efficient as possible each week and month when it comes to generating reports for stakeholders. Log, manage and link incidents and events for visibility of incidents within events or incidents that share a common person. Later this year, there will also be the ability to manage lost property in the system!